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Introduction to Health

Never before in the history of the Human race has there been more of a need to consider the value of Health care. The growing pandemic of chronic non-communicable lifestyle diseases (CNCD): such as heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, cancers and obesity have reached epidemic proportions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) statistics reveal that we can expect to see a continual rise in this global pandemic over the next decade.

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How Much At Risk Are You?

Over 60% of all deaths in Trinidad & Tobago are due to 4 major chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD): cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes.
Within the Caribbean region, Trinidad & Tobago has the highest overall percentages of deaths due to these lifestyle diseases.
Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in Trinidad & Tobago accounting for 25% of all deaths.
Almost half the adult population (over 40%) suffers with hypertension.
The known diabetes prevalence rate among adults is approximately 12% – 13%.
A high proportion of the population already has high risk factors for the developing chronic diseases, including diabetes.
More than half the population (55.5%) 15 years and over is overweight or obese.
A quarter (25%) of school aged children (5-18 yrs) are overweight or obese.
65% of persons 45-65 have 3 or more risks factors for CNCDs.
There has been a growing emergence of the CNCDs in our children and youth populations.