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Epigenetic Science

What Is Epigenetic Science

Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits that are not caused by changes in DNA sequences, but rather by the effects of our environment. There are many daily environmental factors which will affect the way in which our genes express themselves and therefore influence our overall cellular optimisation

Epigenetics shapes your health more profoundly than your genome. Epigenetics says that you can inherit certain negative traits from previous generation, but on their own they will not be very significant. For the traits to have a bigger impact, there has to be a catalyst, in the form of our lifestyle, daily choices, exposure to certain toxic chemicals, etc.. So your health is shaped by your Epigenetic Profile more than anything else.

This Epigenetic Profile is the sum of your interactions with the environment. That is why to be more successful in prevention, recovery and promotion of health and vitality, one needs to look towards examining Epigenetic factors i.e. your daily choices and behaviours, nutrition, stress, radiation, EMF pollution, environmental toxins, amalgam dental fillings, pathogens and of course ones own mindset.

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Hair acts like a storage tissue. The body uses hair for excreting excessive amounts of toxic material to help rid them from the body.  For this reason it is an excellent place to measure these items.  Hair being an extension of the body and the product of the biggest organ (skin), can also to some extent inform us about nutritional imbalances and other forms of pathology present throughout the organism. The information and prognosis about our health is stored 1) chemically and 2) as energetic imprints in the hair and hair root bulb. The new technology utilised in our test investigates the second aspect Using Epigenetics and breakthrough technology, we are able to record a small section of sine wave signatures from hair samples with the root bulb attached. The novel digital screening of hair provides information covering 5 specific groups:

  1. Nutrition,
  2. Toxins,
  3. Microbiology,
  4. Food Interactions
  5. and EMF/ELFs


Four hair strands are digitally scanned and processed in our clinic by converting a natural analogue sine wave, to digital code. Than we send this newly obtained data via a secure internet to the Cell Wellbeing lab in Germany. There, the powerful super-computer systems, linked to Epigenetic indicator technology, decode the information based on quantum biological indicators. This type of hair screening is akin to “listening to a piece of music and picking out the bad notes, which are disturbing the overall piece of music”. Information gathered in this way is very dynamic when compared to static tests like blood, for example. The information covers accumulated issues, current needs and even influences which are not yet detectable at a physical level – in other words before the cell weakness manifests into a period of incubation that can then express as a symptom. Cell weaknesses may have taken years to manifest and thus it takes some time for your cells to adapt to the new nutritional and dietary environment and for this to lead to production of new cells and tissues and to bring about overall improvement. The optimum time for this change is 90-days.